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by Dr. Weisz

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Home Remedy #7: How to Relieve Neck Pain, Back Pain,and Headaches With a Bath Towel
One of the quickest ways to relieve your nagging headaches (even migraine headaches) is to use a common bath towel.
The same is true for your miserable neck pain and low back pain.
(Of course this has a greater effect when used in conjunction with Chiropractic and Massage)
Here’s how the bath towel method works:
Take a regular bath towel, fold it over, and roll it up (about 4 inches in diameter). If you are experiencing a headache, lie down on your bed (on your back) and place this rolled bath towel under your neck for about 10 to 15 minutes. The rolled towel creates a natural curve in your neck that helps to relieve nerve pressure.
If you need to drive long distances, place this rolled towel in the small of your back while you drive or get a lumbar support cushion.
(Feel free to ask which one we use)
The rolled towel creates a natural curve in your low back that also relieves nerve pressure.
You may need to adjust the size of your rolled towel to be comfortable.
Even if you have a “lumbar support” built into your car seat, you will get more relief
from adding the rolled towel.

At night, you can use your rolled towel as a passive neck exercise before bed. Simply
place the rolled towel under your neck (while laying on your back) and do this for 10 to 15
minutes. Then go to sleep as you normally do. You don’t have to sleep on your rolled towel, but
you may want to!!!

**(It  of course goes without saying that both Chiropractic and Massage is one of the best, most natural, effective ways to help with any aches and pains alongside home remedies.)
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