How Common is Back pain?

by Dr. Weisz

How Common is Back pain?  Is it only you?

contributed and compiled by Shakeri Murphy

Did you know eight out of ten Americans suffer from  back pains?

And one half of working Americans  admit to having back pains symptoms each year.

The most common reasons for back pains are that  most of us never master the art  of  having the right posture or do anything to maintain the proper back hygiene on a daily basis.

We brush our teeth everyday but what do most people do for their backs every day or even week?

Most people do nothing.

Americans are always taught a lot of things but not the art of standing and sitting upright.
For most people trying to get  rid of back pains  is not easy with the methods people use….people typically
take a lot of medications.  But what you didn’t know  is  you primarily need should be to focus on core exercises,
posture and maintenance with Chiropractic and Massage.

You may be thinking….

What  types of exercises  can I do because there are many out there.

You are right…. there are many out there .  We could give you a long list to do but the
reality is you are busy so just start with one and progress from there.

The best ones to do is the cat camel exercise and in yoga
it is sometimes taught as the cat cow.

Here is an example:

Have a healthy day,

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BY: James N, Dillard, M.D, D.C,C.Ac. with Ann Hirschmen

Published in 2002


BY: Jennifer p. Schnelder, M.D.,PH.D.

illustration Copyright@ 2004

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