Do you have Arthritis? What types of arthritis are out there?

by Dr. Weisz

Do you have Arthritis?

Diagram of a synovial (diarthrosis) joint.
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Wow, did you know there are over 100 different types of Arthritis such as:

Rheumatoid arthritis ,Psoriatic arthritis,Oste0arthritis,Polymyalgia, and there’s much more but that’s just a few .
Many people may not  know what Arthritis means. This is because there are so many variations and causes.
The word arthritis come from  from the Greek arthron meaning “joint” and the Latin itis meaning “inflammation”.

Arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis affects the musculoskeletal system specifically the joints.

It is the main cause among  people over fifty-five years of age.
The cause of the arthritis is a joint where one bone moves on another bone and ligaments hold the
two bones together.  Also the ligament are like elastic bands while they keep the bones in place your

muscles relax or contract to make the joint move.

I know many people are wondering what would happen to there loves ones if something goes wrong with the joints.
Well, it depends on the type of arthritis you have.

Read below to get the rest of the information.

What is Arthritis?
The word arthritis literally mean ” inflammation of a joint.” Inflammation is the body’s protective response to an injury or infection.

What are arthritis symptoms? to name a few….

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-Pain in joints, muscles, tendons

_ muscle weakness or pain
_ Rash
_ Sleep problems

_ Dry eyes or mouth
_ Hands or feet that change colors with cold weather

What gender is more likely to experience arthritis?
If you guessed Females then you are correct.

If you suspect you have arthritis , you must have noticed a change in how you feel
or how you can do certain things….

all you do is ask yourself these questions???????……

1. Has climbing stairs become more difficult
2. Do you experience back pain, hip or knee pain when walking two or more blocks?
3. Do you have pain stiffness in one or both of your hands on a daily basis?
4. Do you have problems getting on or of a normal toilet?


Medical care focuses on relieving pain, reducing inflammation, slowing the progress of the disease,
preventing permanent joint damage and keeping joints functional.
Did you know there are approximately 21 million adults who have osteoarthritis?
Did you know there are abouot 2.1 million adults who have rheumatoic arthritis and about 5.1 million adults who report doctor diagnosed .
Did you know researchers have made progress with regard to developing better treatments for people with
arthritis and in some cases deformity.

Which joints are affected?
Most forms of arthritis affect the small joints in the hands and feet and the large joints of the knees and hips,
although any joiont can be involved.
The CDC reports that 66 percent of adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis are overweight or obese, compared to 53 percent of adults without doctor-diagnosed arthritis.

Here are some of the books and website you can go on if you want to get more information about arthritis.
The everything Health guide to arthritis
Carol Eustic
Copyright : 2007
Arthritis foundation’s guide to managing your arthritis
Mary Anne Dunkin
Copyright: 2001
Exercise and Arthritis A guide to pain- free movement
Margaret Hills S.R.N, and Janet Howard
Copyright:August 1997
Andrew Hamer/ Mike Hurley
Copy right :2006

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