Chicago Massage therapist Reviews in Lakeview/Roscoe Village [Chiropractical Solutions and Massage]

by Dr. Weisz

Chicago Massage therapist Reviews in Lakeview/Roscoe Village

[Chiropractical Solutions and Massage]

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“Hi Dr. Weisz, Thanks again…! Sonya and I really enjoyed the massage and thank you for your hospitality.
I thought the massage therapist was fantastic. They were very thorough and I appreciated that they told
me what they were doing before they did it. I will gladly forward your info to my friends, family and colleagues
in the area AND I look forward to my next massage the next time I’m in town.  We have already shared your
information with friends and family.”


Your care ethic is extraordinary and makes it so natural and healing to seek, receive and benefit
from chiropractic care and massage.
I wholeheartedly recommend anyone even just beginning to question the
possibility of such hope to make an appointment and not delay.
The care experience and one’s own efforts will bring
greater wellbeing and will be exceptionally well supported.Thank you for supporting my efforts to work on my wellbeing
and thank you immensely for being there to help fill what seemed to me to be a perhaps seemingly ever growing or far too
longtime gap in my care.  It has seemed so natural and right to work with individuals all my life to self-advocate and to strive
to help mentor hopes and dreams.  It is sometimes much harder to strive to do the same for myself. Neck mobility is always
so much freer after a visit!  My Metra commuter’s hike was far better/easier after yesterday’s treatment than after the previous one.
My hike to your office yesterday was comfortable at a slightly quicker pace than the time before.

There already seem to be some possible bonus treatment benefits emerging.  My blood pressure seems down a little
from recent norms.  My headaches have seemed about equally as often but somewhat diminished in severity and longevity.
Walking seems more comfortable even at a slightly quicker pace, somewhat consistently.  The base of my right hand/wrist
area is not quite as painful, possibly because I am not using it so frequently to apply counter pressure to my hip, neck and lower back.
I have walked 26 miles in the past 3 days, relatively briskly, not quite pain free but with no significant repercussions!   It has been wonderful!

My early progress already seems amazing and I gratefully hope for what future treatments will bring!  Thank you for your wonderful care!Three weeks ago and for 2 months prior, I could not walk half a mile briskly and then make it up a flight of steps without great difficulties.  ”

Sheryl B. H.
Dr. Weisz,

I want to personally thank both you and Liz for making my daily life more enjoyable. I’ve been tested and drug through so many
experimental treatments and the Doctors still could not put there finger on the originator of my intense migraine situation.
I had level 10 migraines up to 3 times a week which ultimately paralyzed me. The past 6 weeks I have been officially pain free.
And it didn’t take drugs.

Thank you so MUCH!

Julie H.  Chicago, IL

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