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by Dr. Weisz

Chicago Chiropractor Reviews

What do some of our patients have to say about our
Chicago Chiropractor and Massage Office in Lakeview

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Chicago Chiropractor  Reviews:

Dr. Weisz is the most caring doctor I ever had.  I never really felt like any of the other doctors  I went to cared about me as a person, but he really showed that.

I remember that a few hours after my first visit, Dr. Weisz called me to see how I was feeling.  That was when I realized that he cared about me as a person and that I wasn’t just another patient.  That experience has always stuck with me, and I always tell people about it every time I talk about Dr. Weisz. I suffered with Neck pain, Mid back pain, Low back pain, pain in both hands, wrist pain, and forearm pain. All the little things he did made me feel really positive about myself, and I believe that positive thinking accelerated my recovery.  He is the most genuine, sincere, and honest doctor I’ve ever had. Even if there was another doctor that knew more about my condition, I’d rather see him because he always made sure I left his office with a smile.

Thank you Dr. Weisz.

Jay P. Chicago, IL

I have been using Dr. Weisz as my chiropractor for a few months now and couldn’t be happier with the service I receive. I started going for neck and lower back pain and my life has almost been pain free since. The office is always pleasant, and the atmosphere there is very serene. They are always flexible with there schedule and are warm and friendly. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor but am glad I decided to go with an open mind. You couldn’t find a nicer place to go if you tried.

Debbie R. Chicago, IL

“I had annoying back, neck, and shoulder pain. Everything I did seemed to aggravate the pain, like sitting, driving, sleeping, and it made everyday living a chore. Chiropractic care has provided such a relief, especially with driving and sleeping! Waking up in the morning is now actually tolerable.”

Arelis R. Chicago,IL

Thank you for sharing and have a healthy day,

Dr. Weisz, D.C.
Chicago Chiropractor and Massage in Lakeview

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